HOLGER K., long distance truck driver for an international logistics company, can’t stop using his specialist vocabulary.
Nearly every field of expertise has its own jargon which people not familiar with that particular area may not understand. Car mechanics gush about ’twin overhead camshafts’ and IT experts quake at the thought of a ’Trojan horse’ …

Can you match the word/phrase to its correct business area?

1    piggyback
2    perk
3    en suite
4    payload
5    balance sheet

a    hotel industry
b    human resources
c    logistics
d    finance
e    aerospace

Answer Key

1/c    piggyback  /  logistics
2/b    perk  /  human resources
3/a    en suite  /  hotel industry
4/e    payload  /  aerospace
5/d    balance sheet  /  finance